Shipping & Returns

For Malaysian:

We understand that shipping is an extra cost for online shoppers. That's why when you purchase more than a certain amount with us, we are giving out FREE DELIVERY to you! Please refer to the chart below:


Shipping to West Malaysia

 Free Shipping免运费

 (West Malaysia西马)

with purchase of RM150 and above

满 RM 150 或以上


Shipping to East Malaysia

 ** Shipment to East Malaysia is charged based on weight basis. We will weight your parcel then only customer top up additional shipping fees for the additional weight.

Free Shipping免运费

(East Malaysia东马)

with purchase of RM150 and above

& parcel weight below 1kg

满 RM 150 或以上,且包裹重量1公斤内

 add on RM7.50 with subsequent each kg

额外的每公斤RM 7.50


For Foreigner:

Estimated shipping charges for few popular countries :For Foreigner:

We also provide international courier delivery service. 
Our courier service partners are including Fedex, DHL & EMS, they are all reliable courier service company. 
We ensure you enjoy good shipping rate and reliable service. 
Shipping charges will inform individually base on the total weight of the order.


Country Initial Cost Additional Cost
China 1st 500gram = RM63.00 Add 500gram = RM12.00
Singapore 1st 250gram = RM16.50 Add 250gram = RM1.00
Brunei 1st 250gram = RM17.60 Add 250gram = RM2.10
Thailand 1st 250gram = RM18.10 Add 250gram = RM2.40
Hong Kong 1st 250gram = RM24.30 Add 250gram = RM3.00
Indonesia 1st 250gram = RM26.60 Add 250gram = RM2.90
Taiwan 1st 250gram = RM26.80 Add 250gram = RM3.60
Australia 1st 250gram = RM29.10 Add 250gram = RM3.60









  •  Term & condition apply. For more information please contact our customer service.
  • Your order will be shipped to you immediately and should arrive to you in 3 to 5 working days. .
  • Our delivery record is excellent. However, in case your orders are get lost when delivery (this is a rare case), and you have not received your order in 7 days, please let us know so we can fix the problem. We put our customers first and will resolve the problem to your satisfaction.
  • Customer Service : Tel: +603 - 9100 4010 Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm
  • For foreigner, if you are purchase more than MYR200, discount voucher will be given together with the shipping.