Virgin Coconut Oil 万用冷压椰子油

Virgin coconut oil, reported to be effective as a natural anti aging, anti wrinkle, promote skin rejuvenation and regain youthful appearance, besides it acts as anti bacterial, antiviral and anti protozoal. It also avoid skin disease infection that functions as antibody.
Food grade Pure Cold press coconut oil deeply penetrates into our skin, this amazing oil helps to heal burn and fast moisturizing and it works great on sensitive skin. 
No synthetic chemicals, no artificial fragrances, no preservatives and no alcohol.
Pure cold press coconut oil start freezing in pure white texture below 25 celsius. 
How to apply:
1. For normal apply, gently massage on skin. 
2. Apply a thin layer of pure virgin coconut oil onto the burn or wounds using a cotton swab.
1. 清洁肌肤后,适量涂抹在皮肤上,按摩加快吸收。
2. 用于烧伤或伤口上,用干净或消毒过的棉花棒沾取少许涂抹。



们选用在这个抗敏感护肤系列的椰子油是我们自家生产的冷压椰子油(Virgin Coconut Oil),因为是自家高品质监管生产,所以我们可以确保我们使用在这个“椰香诱惑”护肤系列的椰子油是天然安全的。而这些冷压椰子油在遇到温度24°C或以下就会自动凝固成固体脂状,如果遇到变成固体脂状,只要在使用时拿取少许,当椰子油接触体温就会融成液体油,也非常方便使用。所以如果在冬天使用这款纯冷压椰子油就需要另外装在开盖试膏霜的罐子里,这样就可以比较简便拿取。

Uniqueness of Virgin Coconut Oil

The virgin coconut oil we adding in our Cocos skincare series is all our in house produce premium quality coconut oil, to make sure we have very high quality control to produce natural and safe Cocos series skincare. These Virgion Coconut Oil will be harden to solid form when the temperature is lower than 24°C, is its in solid form you can feel free to scoop out any quantity you wish to use, put in your palm and they will easily melt. However is its above 24°C and is appear in liquid form, it is much more easier to use. So if you are using this virgin coconut oil during winter, you may need to find some suitable jar to fill it so its’ more convenience for you to use it.



Virgin Coconut Oil As Lotion

In tropical country like Malaysia, Virgin Coconut Oil normally appear in liquid oil form, so it is very easy to use after bath. Just direct pump out on your palm and you can easily apply on your body like normal body lotion, just very small quantities and you can apply wide part on your body. If it is solidify already, you can take out some and put in on your palm, rub both your palms and it will easily melt and you can now massage it on your skin like normal lotion. Your body will smell comfortably mild coconut scent after you apply this Cocos Virgin Coconut Oil, and it is very easy absorb by skin, so after you use it for somewhile you going to find out your skin is looks more vibrant and feel more tender soft!



Virgin Coconut Oil As Makeup Removal

You can try to use our Cocos Virgin Coconut Oil  as make up removal, it is applicable from light to heavy make up. Drop some coconut oil on a cotton pad and soften your eye & lip makeup by place on it, wait for 1 minute and your make up can be easily remove. For sunblock and foundation you can direct use the cotton pad with coconut oil on it to directly soften & wipe your make up away. You will find that your skin still hydrating after use this make up removal. 



Virgin Coconut Oil As Hair Oil

Our Cocos Virgin Coconut Oil not only can moisture your skin but can use to apply on your hair end as protection!




Virgin Coconut Oil As Sunscreen

Coconut oil had been scientifically study and prove that it come with natural sunscreen function. If your skin already sunburns, you can easily apply this coconut oil for soothing effect.


* Eczema:如果你曾因为刚搬迁到比较潮湿的新环境肌肤不适应而不幸患上湿疹,你也可以尝试用椰子油涂抹,它也可以帮助湿疹皮肤得到意想不到的神器治疗功效哦!

Coconut Oil For Eczema

      If you happen to accidently have eczema problem you can try to apply our Cocos Virgin Coconut Oil, it can help to soothing & calming uncomfortable cause by eczema dryness and itchiness.    

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