Cocos - Virgin Coconut Lotion 冷压椰子油乳液

200ml / 200毫升

Product weight: 200ml

This Cocos Lotion is special design for dry & sensitive skin. Suitable for both adult & baby.

  •        Special added virgin coconut oil is super emollient not greasy or sticky.
  •        Anti-Aging hydrating coconut oil restores deep hydration to hands, neck, elbows, knees, body. Cocos – Virgin Coconut Oil Lotion is great for dry skin, dry hands, and sensitive skin. The great natural scent will make you feel like you are vacationing in coconut farn.






  • 抗衰老和特别保湿的冷压椰子油可以帮助深层保湿您所涂抹的手部,颈部,肘部,膝盖和其它身体部位。 Cocos – 冷压椰子油乳液是干性皮肤,干燥的手和敏感的皮肤的救星。其天然的椰子香味会让你感觉像你仿佛置身椰子园享受着森林浴。