UV Protection Mango Butter Body Wash 芒果脂防紫外线沐浴露

Volume: 250ml Rich in antioxidants, vitamin A and E.It also contains natural emollient qualities that help keep the skin moisturized, therefore when applied to the our body it will help: Restores and maintains the moisture Promotes cell regeneration

Mango butter contains high levels of antioxidants and beneficial vitamins A, C, and E.   This natural butter also helps shield against harmful UV rays protecting hair, scalp and whole body from potential sun damage, making it an extremely effective sunscreen for overall.

Mango butter is a great way to maintain moisture in the hair and keeping it well nourished, as well as providing it with the beneficial vitamins and nutrients it needs to look and feel healthy.


About Our Puuuv Organic Body Shampo

Our Puuuv Organic Body Shampoo made with 100% quality plants oils where it naturally contain glycerin & help to lock in moisture. They are gentle enough on your body and is suitable for adult & baby use. All our organic body shampoo act as a "lotion shampoo" to help keep your skin soft and smooth every moment after you clean your hands.
How to use them? Just work into a lather for effective cleansing and for an aroma therapeutic essential oils all over your body!

More than 15 scents to choose from:
Available aromatherapy Essential Oil:  

1. Lavender (For relaxing & calming, ability to remove nervous tension)     

2. Teatree    (natural antiseptic and germicide with healing properties) 

3. Peppermint  (Cool soothing Peppermint awakens skin, Soothing to irritated Skin) 

4. Sweet Orange ( calming, anti-depressive effect.)

5. Lemongrass  (anti-mosquito, germicidal or antibacterial properties to combat the germs)

6. Grapefruit  (associated with feelings of happiness & well being; beneficial for acne, nervous exhaustion 

7. Bergamot (relieve skin irritations like eczema, psoriasis, acne, insect bites & wounds. It is considered uplifting & rejuvenating)     

8. Lemon  (whitening, good for acne, antibacterial & astringent ) 

9. Lime (stimulate & refresh a tired mind and helps with insect bites ) 


 If you looking for stronger scent, here you go!

1. Sakura Cherry Blossom  樱花飘 

2. Rasberry Scent  覆盆子香精 

3. Strawberry Scent 草莓香精

4. Vanilla Scent  香草香精

5. Verde Apple  鲜绿苹香精

6. Tropical Coconut 芳香热带椰香精


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