Turn Your Breast Milk To Soaps Within hour!

Breastfeeding is always not easy & what if you have over supply breast milk? Take the healing properties of breastmilk & turn them into a natural PuuuvSoap is a prefect gift for your family. Breastmilk is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, & full of vitamis & good fats!
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15th.Apr.2016 (Monday)



@ Puuuv Soap Sdn Bhd

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Call 03-91004010 / 016-6644010 for any assistance ya! 


Choose which quantity of milk soap you wish to make:

a) 携带130克冰母乳学做半公斤母乳皂。500g soap so I need to bring 130g (4.6 Oz) Frozen Breastmilk

b) 我会携带260克冰母乳学做一公斤母乳皂。500g soap so I need to bring 260g (9.2 Oz) Frozen Breastmilk