Soap Paste for Hand Soap 洗手液膏体

Washing your hands without drying out your skin.
  • How to use: Dillute with warm water with ratio 1:1.5 or 1:2, stirring until fully dillute.
  • For example volume of 250ml volume, measure 100g of hand soap paste mixed with 150ml of warm water and keep stirring.
  • Add on Essential oil or extract for better improvement.  



  • 以1:1.5 或 1:2 的比例加入温开水调和搅拌。
  • 例:以250毫升的瓶子作为基准,量好100克的洗手液膏体,和150毫升的温开水,把温开水倒进备好的膏体中搅拌。
  • 搅拌好后便可装瓶使用,可依喜好加入精油或植物萃取精华提升洗手液的功能。