Sesame Seed Oil 芝麻油

Has a unique ability to soften skin, lips and hair. And since it holds moisture in, it helps your skin stay hydrated.


  • Sesame Oil is a light, emollient oil obtained from sesame seeds.
  • Sesame Oil is is pressed from the sesame seed; rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Sesame Oil contains some proteins and lecithin, and may help protect the skin from sun.
  • Sesame oil can be used to condition your hair, but can also protect your hairstyle against the elements by acting as a shield. In hair care products, it may keep extra moisture from being absorbed into the strands, which can cause your hair to quickly lose its style.
  • With abilities to remove toxins, improve blood circulation, and protect skin from free radicals are beneficial for both skin types.


Sesame Seed Oil Benefits:

1. Natural Sunscreen

2. Moisturizes your skin

3. Slowing down the skin aging

4. Detoxification of the skin

5. Helps repair damaged skin cells

6. Reduces Antibacterial Infections




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