Rice Bran Oil 米糠油

Rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids, rice bran oil is able to deeply penetrate into skin’s layers, nourishing it from within, making your skin very soft and velvety. Doesn’t clog pores.


  • Rice Bran Oil is extracted from the bran (outer coating) of the brown rice grain and is rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and essential oils.
  • Rice Bran Oil is an oil pressed from the outer hull (the "bran") of the rice grain.
  • Rice Bran Oil helps improve blood circulation thereby making the skin radiant and glowing.
  • Rice Bran Oil is rich in gamma oryzanol.
  • The anti-melanin property of rice bran oil comes into play when used as a sun block. It is also known to whiten the skin slightly thus making it effective as a skin lightening and fairness product.

  • Benefits of rice bran oil for skin also include its property of keeping the skin incredibly soft. Polishing the face is popular in the Far East; Japanese women use both powder and oil for keeping their skin silky smooth.



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