Real Coffee Scrub Soap 香入啡啡

We know you love COFFEE! So we add your favorite to our homemade natural soap!

Available @ Life Ca-Dio, Puchong & PuuuvSoap, Cheras.


Best scrub soap recipe we use to make this REAL COFFEE SCRUB SOAP!


Don't try it! Unless you have prepare yourself to falling in love with our REAL COFFEE SCRUB SOAP!


Key ingredients: Ground coffee bean, Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Sweel Almond Oil, Palm kernel oil, Aqua.


我们知道你超爱咖啡,就像阿连老师一样爱咖啡!我们将您的最爱加入 “香入啡啡” 让您在一整天的忙碌后可以与您的最爱来个最亲密的接触!

[咖啡因 。为你] 一块真正的咖啡磨砂皂!