Pink / Green / Red / Yellow French Clay Breastmilk Soap 法国矿泥母乳皂配方

Weight: 1kg

400ml Frozen breastmilk needed.

Clay will draw out dirt and oil from your pores promoting clean healthy skin. This is an ideal facial soap but its uses are great all around.

• French fine pink clay- Suitable for all skin types, particularly good for dry, dehydrated, sensitive skin. Naturally rich in trace elements, it helps to stimulate circulation to the skin while heals, disinfects and with tissue-firming and gentle exfoliating effect

• French fine green clay- Very useful for oily skin, acne prone skin or combination skin types as it has superior absorbency capacity; it cleanses, detoxifies, calm inflammation, regenerates tissues and skin healing.

• French fine red clay- Suitable for all skin types particularly helpful for mature, tired, dehydrated, stressed skin, broken capillaries, bags under eyes, sensitive dry skin. It can also be combined with flower waters and pure essential oils to mutually enhance their healing action

• French fine yellow clay- Used on most dry, highly sensitive oily skin. It is also great for sun-damaged, fatigued and delicate skins.

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