Patchouli Essential Oil 廣藿香精油

This lovely Patchouli Essential Oil should be a staple in your blending and soaping life. The scent is earthy and deep.

Emotional Benefits

Inhaling patchouli oil is known to uplift mood and help release tension. It helps bring hope after disappointment and eases sensitive nerves. Epileptic attacks or convulsions may be calmed by inhaling patchouli oil. As an aphrodisiac, patchouli oil is beneficial in treating sexual problems such as impotency or erectile problems, and it also is said to help frigidity in women as well as a general lack of interest in sex, according to

Physical Benefits

Good for dry skin, patchouli oil can calm a cough and allergies. Applied topically, patchouli can be used to treat eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, sores, cuts and wounds. It is a naturally effective way to help speed the healing of skin marks left by acne as well as helping to fade old scars as it promotes the growth of new skin cells. Patchouli soothes inflammation and may help naturally bring down a fever. Also beneficial as a diuretic, patchouli oil may increase the frequency and quantity of urination. 

According to, patchouli oil has a toning effect on the entire body. By strengthening the liver, stomach and intestines, patchouli oil also boosts the immune system. Patchouli oil’s antiseptic property makes it useful as a natural deodorant; however, its sweet but powerful smell is not liked by everyone. Used in aromatherapy, it also may help boost alertness and activity while quieting anxious thoughts.

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