Purple Gromwell Moisture Lipbalm 紫草保湿润唇膏

Promotion now! Buy three FREE one! A smooth lip balm tinted a gorgeous purplelish colour. Wear it for a wholeday out for a subtle mauve tint or before bedtime as an intensive nightime lip moisturiser. The lavender essential oil is perfect for healing dry chapped lips and it gives the balm a heavenly smell. We have tinted the balm naturally using purple gromwell root, which is traditionally used to soothe skin conditions including lips.

Our new organic gromwell lip balm is naturally tinted with gromwell root essence to give your lips a lovely pink tint. The moisturisng result is absolutely addictive! 


This lip added shea butter is rich, creamy and meant to turn your chapped lips into the luscious moist lips you dream it to be. It is unscented and uncolored, making it suitable for pregnant women, men and children too.   The organic olive oil in this easily penetrates the cell structures of our lips, keeping them supple and rejuvenated. The high quality shea butter in this lip balm is anti-inflammatory, creates a moisture barrier for treating dry lips and is a natural sunscreen protection (SPF 6).


Ingredients of Organic Purple Gromwell Lip Balm: Purple Gromwell Root Infuse Organic Olive oil, Shea butter, Pharma-Grade Lavender Essential Oil, Chamomile Essential Oil.

Directions: Apply to lips as needed for luxurious, organic moisture.

Size: 8ml

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