Organic Facial Toner - New formula

100% Natural. Sensitive skin also suitable. Alcohol free formula. Importer essential oil added. Come with aromatherapy & therapeutic effect.

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Purple Gromwell Moisture Lipbalm 紫草保湿润唇膏

Promotion now! Buy three FREE one! A smooth lip balm tinted a gorgeous purplelish colour. Wear it for a wholeday out for a subtle mauve tint or before bedtime as an intensive nightime lip moisturiser. The lavender essential oil is perfect for healing dry chapped lips and it gives the balm a heavenly smell. We have tinted the balm naturally using purple gromwell root, which is traditionally used to soothe skin conditions including lips.

Cocos Facial Cleanser 冷压椰油洁面霜

Suitable for all type of skin include sensitive skin. 适合所有肌肤使用,包括敏感皮肤。温和无刺激,洗完后不显得干燥,肌肤光滑水嫩。

Amboinicus Set: Soap & Ointment 左手香皂与膏

Amboinicus Set: 120ml Soap 左手香皂 & 15ml Ointment 左手香膏