Organic Coffee Moisturizing UV Protect Sunscreen 有机咖啡紫外线防晒脸霜 (SPF35+)

独家研发有机咖啡防晒乳液! 防晒抗衰老,真正做好防晒工作,皮肤自然光滑、透亮! 重量: 50克 Suitable for daily used.

Weight: 50g

Latest formulated coffee facial sunscreen adding coffee essence, raspberry seed oil. This is lightly scented due to the natural scent of the raspberry seed oil.
It is moisturizing, anti-aging and helps with scars and blemishes.

Your skin absorb it as quickly as you can't even notice. It is light and easy apply - everyone who has try it would ask fro the second bottle!

This product can be used for face and body.


Ingredient: Raspberry Seed Oil, Carrot Seed oil, Organic Mango Butter and Avocado oil.





产品成分: 有机咖啡防晒精华,覆盆籽精油, 萝卜籽精油、有机芒果脂、鳄梨油。    


产品重量: 50克


使用方法: 洁面后, 涂上薄薄一层有机防晒乳液。好像弹钢琴一样在您娇嫩的脸弹上一圈,静待一至两分钟等皮肤完全吸收了就可涂上您的隔离霜和彩妆。







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