Oramix NS19

Coconut oil thickening frother. Origin: USA

Add Proportion : Body product of 3-10%, facial product 1-2%.
Shelf-life : 3 years
Storage Instructions : After opening store in a cool and dry place at room temperature, prevent sun point-blank, pay attention to use the bottle after using alcohol to clean and to cover the lid.

DIY experience sharing:
When doing wash protect products, can significantly improve the products of the foaming effect and the durability of the bubble.

Raw Material Efficacy :
Widely used in senior bath, hand sanitizer, foam cleanser and household detergent formulations.Is the preparation of mild baby bubble bath and the main components of the skin care products.
In the skin and hair care formula is a kind of excellent softening conditioner;Also can be used as detergent and germicide.

Reference Formula:

Natural Lavender Hand Wasahing

Coconut oil thickening frother 30 ml
Glycerin 10 ml
Pure water 60 ml
Lavender essential oil to 1 ml
Emulsifier AOL-01 1 ml

1, add coconut oil foaming agent to stir until completely dissolved in water,
2, add in the glycerin 10 ml stir well,
3, add in the coconut oil thickening frother 30 ml stir to mix well
4, add in 1ml lavender essential oil and emulsifier AOL-01 1ml bottle use after fully stir well.

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