Natural Skincare Entrepreneur Workshop 有机护肤品创业班

7-15 hours duration based on your time
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Intensive skincare entrepreneur workshop complete in 1 day!


DIY 40 type Organic Skincare Entrepreneur Workshop 朴手护肤品创业班

Fees  : RM 3,800 per pax (Minimum 2 pax complete the workshop within 1 day).

Please take note that RM3,800 is workshop fees per head on the conditions of minimum 2 participants per workshop to complete in 1 day.
If only 1 of you, you will need to pay RM 4,300 / pax to complete the class within 1 day. and RM4,600 / pax to complete the class within 2 days. .

For workshop fees of RM 3,800/head we will make it open class so you may attend this workshop together with other participants.


Module Learning: Entrepreneur studies included online marketing (total 40 type of skincare products from top to toe will be learn) 


* If the workshop is going to be a private session to complete in 1 day between you and our conductor you will need to top up RM500.
* If the workshop is going to be a private session to complete in 2 days between you and our conductor you will need to top up RM800.


Workshop Include: 

DIY Skincare Entrepreneur Workshop

10 Skincare Series 1

  1.           Eye & Lip Makeup Removal, 
  2.           Facial Cleanser cum Exfoliator, 
  3.           Facial Toner, 
  4.           Facial Mask, 
  5.           Facial Moisturizing Gel, 
  6.           Facial Night Cream, 
  7.           Hand Cream, 
  8.           Massage Bar. 
  9.           Body Lotion, 
  10.        Therapeutic Gromwell Multifunction Body Balm


10 Skincare Series 2

  1.           Whitening Facial Cleanser
  2.           Hydrating Facial Mist
  3.           Facial Scrub
  4.           Eye Serum
  5.           Peppermint Icy. Lip balm
  6.           Massage Oil
  7.           Body Milk
  8.           Hair Shampoo
  9.           Repairing Hair Mask
  10.        Bath Bomb


10 Skincare Series 3

  1.           Long Lasting Makeup Mist Base
  2.           Aromatherapy Mood Mist
  3.           Solid Perfume
  4.           Lip gloss
  5.           Lavender Shower Gel
  6.           Whitening Body Mask
  7.           UV Protect Lotion Bar
  8.           Therapeuthic Hair Spray
  9.           Scalp Treatment Oil
  10.        Repairing Cracked Heel Cream


10 Skincare Series 4

  1.           Hypo-allergenic Facial Cleansing milk,
  2.           Pure Hydrating Facial Aqua gel,
  3.           Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque, 
  4.           Intensive Eye cream for combat dark circle,
  5.           Anti-Acne & Pimple cream,
  6.           Anti Mosquito Spray, 
  7.           Aloe Soothing Relief Therapy Cream, 
  8.           Anti-cellulite body cream,
  9.           Deep Cleansing Bamboo Charcoal Body mask
  10.        Natural Toothpaste

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