Mosgo 蚊别 - Natural Mosquito Repellent Bag 天然防蚊包

Approx 20gs herbs combination include Lemongrass, Wormwood, Peppermint, Lavender & Clove each gift bag. Customize label provided.



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Mosgo 蚊别: Anti Mosquito Aromatherapy Baby Bar 香薰宝贝蚊离块

Looks like soap? Ya, it's look like soap but its not soap! With this mosquito repellent bar nearby your love one mosquito won't approach you! :-P You can hang it around baby stroller as well as around your baby bed! It is multi function! * Avoid consume or licking by baby!

Lemongrass Essential Oil 柠檬草精油

Light, fresh, citrus aroma with earthy undertone. Country of Origin: India

Mosquito Repellent Set For Baby

Portable Set: 40ml Don't Kiss Me Spray + 15ml Anti Mosquito Balm + 50g Anti Mosquito Aromatherapy Baby Bar . Family Big Set: 110ml Don't Kiss Me Spray + 130ml Anti Mosquito Balm + 2 units of 50g Anti Mosquito Aromatherapy Baby Bar .