Natural Glow BB Cushion 天然气垫bb霜

(Natural Beige Color) BB Cushion with Brightening + UV protection + Soothing effect INTRO PRICE 20% OFF

朴 手 天 然 气 垫 粉 底 (自 然 米 色)
Key ingredients: RO Water, Nano Mineral Clay Powder, Glycerine,Raspbery Seed Oi, Papaya Extract. 成分: 纯净水,纳米矿物泥,甘油,覆盆子萃取精油,木瓜萃取精华。




Advanced 6 Multi Benefits with Only 1 Touch

1. Brightening effect

Whitening ingredients of Puuuv Papaya Extract line safely and naturally brightens complexion, and increases skin clarity while fading blemishes.

2. UV protection

SPF 30 offers strong protection against harmful UV rays and sun damage.

3. Moisturizing Effect

Puuuv's exclusive Optimal Mineral Water provides instant and deep moisturizing effect.

4. Natural and clean coverage

The medium coverage of a make-up tint gives the skin a natural finish without oil-shine and stickiness.

5. Soothing effect

Fresh cooling sensation instantly cools the skin surface by 4℃, to refresh and soothe fatigued skin.



Antibacterial air cell sponge / Double puff structure

The formula glides onto skin evenly without clots and cools skin since it does not absorb moisture

Cleansing the puff

1. Take the puff with both hands and press down with the thumb.
2. Push out the foundation residue to the outer rim of the cushion.
3. Place the puff on your palm and press down when rinsing to remove the rest of the residue.


Do not rub or crease the cushion when cleansing. The double-ply structure may crack or get dislocated.


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