Mom& Baby Breastmilk soap (Marseilles formula/ Original Flavour) 马赛母乳皂配方

Suitable for baby, young children and sensitive skin.

Weight: 1kg

400ml Frozen breastmilk needed.

Moisturizing and comfortable soap for baby skin, frozen breastmilk be used in order to kept all the great nutrition of breatmilk in your treasure soap. Best soap ever for your new born baby.

72% Virgin Olive Oil with pure olive oil-based, mild, non-irritating, suitable for baby, young children and sensitive skin.


Buy one free one promotion: Term & conditions

1. Order with fullpayment must be paid before 31st.March.2017. 

2.One person is entitle one unit of this "Buy One Free One" promotion only.

3.This promotion is available for this type of marseille soap only.

4. It can be either online order / direct bsnk transfer / walk in purchase.