Marseille Charcoal Cow Milk Soap 马赛竹炭牛奶皂

You may think skin care starts after you bathe, but if you choose milk soap you can care for your skin while you bathe. There's a long history of using milk-based soaps for skin care. Cow Milk soaps, especially Puuuv Production, are very kind to your skin. Special added nano bamboo charcoal powder for extra detox & whitening function.


The pH of cow milk soaps is very close to the natural pH of human skin, resulting in a naturally gentle product that cleans without the addition of harsh chemical additives. Milk soaps, especially those with goat milk, are made with a gentle balance of ingredients that clean without being harsh or irritating to the skin. Even people with sensitive skin and eczema find milk soap is far less harsh and drying than most ordinary soap products.


All milk contains lactic acid. In high concentrations, lactic acid is used in chemical peels. In lower concentrations, such as those found in milk soap, lactic acid is a natural exfoliating agent, helping the skin shed dry skin cells. Gentle exfoliation results in healthier looking skin.

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