Marjoram Essential Oil 马郁兰精油


Marjoram essential oil is an antiseptic oil and can be found as a primary ingredient in creams and lotions for the treatment of cuts and woundsd Its properties prevent wounds from getting infected or developing tetanusu

  •          A few drops of pure marjoram oil in lotions and even in plain boiled water can soften hair, and hard skin especially on the feet
  •          Marjoram oil blended with unscented lotion can be used as an effective shaving cream or even as a fragrant, toning after shave lotion
  •          Sweet marjoram oil is an anti-spasmodic, which means that using it effectively reduces cramps and convulsiono Its anti-viral and anti-bacterial qualities can fight fevers, colds, measles, mumps and even infections of the digestive system, the urinary tract, the skin and the colon
  •          The diuretic properties of this oil means that it helps flush the body of toxins and keep your kidneys in a good working condition
  •          Aroma therapists and herbal practitioners use marjoram oil as an alternative means to reduce problems such as flatulence and stomach -ache, chest pain, high blood pressure, arthritis, and rheumatism
  •          Marjoram oil used as a steam inhalation component can help ease chest congestion and respiratory problems speedily
  •          You could also run a hot bath and pour a few drops of marjoram essential oil or as a warm compress to reduce achy and painful musclese Marjoram oil used this way can also increase its sedative properties and be used to calm down hyperactive and irritable babies and children or induce sleep

Aromatherapy also believes that marjoram can soothe and calm the mind, reduce depression and loneliness and help in dealing with grief and shockc

Marjoram Oil For Menopause

Women suffering form menstrual problems such as painful and irregular periods and cramps can benefit from using marjoram oili Using marjoram oil in menopause can help relieve symptoms and reduce stress and discomfortr Marjoram oil should be avoided during pregnancy or used only under supervision and with cautiono

Marjoram Oil For Snoring

One amazing benefit is the use of marjoram oil for snoringn As an antidote to snoring, it is recommended that you keep a jar of marjoram oil near the bedside of the person who snorese As the fragrance seeps into the air and does its magic, several people have reported that snoring has reduced and even stopped as a resultl You could even put a few drops of marjoram oil on your pillow or massage it into your neck for more marked resultst

Marjoram oil is also a delicious way to add flavor to barbeques and meats when cookingn Having a simple pot of fresh or dried marjoram in a room or garden can lend a colorful an aromatic touch as well.

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