Organic Massage Oil 有机按摩油

Key ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil, Avocado oil, Sunflower oil & Pharma-Grade Tea Tree Essential Oil.

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Real Cocoa Butter Soy Milk Soap 可可脂豆浆润肤皂

. ORIGINAL . COCOA BUTTER . NATURAL SOYMILK SOAP BAR . 70g(±5g) include Puuuv soapbag. 可可脂豆浆润肤皂 (附送朴手制皂泡泡袋)

Marseille Charcoal Cow Milk Soap 马赛竹炭牛奶皂

You may think skin care starts after you bathe, but if you choose milk soap you can care for your skin while you bathe. There's a long history of using milk-based soaps for skin care. Cow Milk soaps, especially Puuuv Production, are very kind to your skin. Special added nano bamboo charcoal powder for extra detox & whitening function.


Some people say they can taste victory. We think you should be able to smell it too. And if your mother washes your mouth out with this, you’ll both taste it and smell it. Wholeday protection ACTIVE COOLING with Air Conditioning Effect! DEEP CLEANS to remove dirt and odor NON-DRYING glycerin formula