Lifting Whitening Eye Gel 天然紧致眼霜

Immediate hydration leaving your eye area - incredibly moisture and refresh.

Whitening Eye Gel gently calms, soothes and smooths your radiant eyes. Naturally reducing puffiness, brightening dark circles, tightening and cooling your skin, papaya extracts containing will leave you bright-eyes and dark circles are getting lighter! It is non greasy and doesn't irritate your eyes.

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Rosemary Facial Cleanser 迷迭香收缩毛孔洗面奶

Suitable for dry to normal skin. 有效镇静消炎,消除皮肤表面引起痘痘的细菌和多余脂肪,并滋润舒缓皮肤水分。适合干性至混合性肤质。

Aloevera Exquisite Facial Cream 芦荟滋润乳霜

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Calming Chamomile Facial Cream 洋甘菊舒缓乳霜

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