Lemongrass Breastmilk Soap (Anti Mosquito) 柠檬草/香茅防蚊母乳皂配方

Suitable for baby skin and all skin type.

Weight: 1kg

400ml Frozen breastmilk needed.

Lemongrass essential oil is extracted by distillation of the fresh or partially dried grass, which is first finely chopped. This produces a pale amber oil with a reddish tinge. Its aroma is fresh grassy-citrus with an earthy undertone. The smell of Lemongrass oil generally perceived as refreshing, uplifting, calming and restorative.

We are adding lemongrass essential oil in this breastmilk soap formula because of its aromatherapy, therapheutic & antiseptic properties and fresh, uplifting smell. Meanwhile lemongrass essential oil added soap can repel flies and other insects!