Jojoba Therapy Lipbalm 荷荷巴修护润唇膏

Promotion now! Buy three FREE one! Our convenient pocket or purse-size Jojoba Lip Balm softens and soothes lips with therapeuthic & conditioning golden jojoba oil. Jojoba and avocado oils moisturize dry lips, glycerin conditions lips while, beeswax and olive emulsifying wax act to protect lips.

The flowering desert shrub jojoba, or Simmondsia chinensis, produces a wax that becomes liquid at room temperature. This substance, called jojoba oil, is rich in vitamins E and B complex as well as several minerals. Because it's chemically similar to the skin's natural oil, jojoba oil is ideal for skin care. Blending this oil with other natural ingredients lets you create a variety of lip care products.


Exposure to sun, cold temperatures, wind and dry indoor heat can damage the delicate skin of your lips, leaving them chapped and flaky. Jojoba oil added lipbalm provides a simple, natural way restore moisture to your lips so they become smoother and softer, 


Jojoba oil in lip balm also can help add shine and the appearance of fullness to your lips.

  • Moisturisies and conditions dry lips
  • Jojoba and beeswax formula
  • Rich in vitamin E 
  • Goes on clear

Ingredients of Therapy Jojoba Lip Balm: Organic Golden Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Pharma-Grade Tea Tree Essential Oil, Olive Emulsifier Wax.


Directions: Apply to lips as needed for luxurious, organic moisture.

Size: 8ml










重量: 8克








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