Homemade Herbal Vapor Rub

50 ml To Relieve Coughs and Congestion. Pure and simple: organic aromatherapy oils help to soothe and calm with organic lavender and rosemary oils. Helps support clear breathing with organic eucalyptus and tea tree oils Perfectly safe and effective for babies, big kids and parents too! No menthol added and petrolatum free. Hypoallergenic • pH Balanced • Plant-Based

Key ingredients: Shea butter, Virgin Olive Oil, Pharma-grade Lavender Essential Oil, Pharma-grade Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus Eesntial Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil. 



For babies 3 months or older - gently massage onto chest, neck and back to help soothe and comfort.

Caring Tip! Also try massaging onto bottom of feet, then cover with cozy socks for better therapeuthic effects.