Gromwell Root Powder (PREMIUM) 优质紫草根粉

Grounded at low temperature, the powder form of gromwell will allow a more rapid release of the active ingredients in herbs. Purple gromwell heals wounds, rashes and burns. 紫草在中医有神奇疗效,成分中含尿囊素具有镇定、镇定、消炎的作用。可舒缓蚊虫叮咬之不适,也常用来制作紫草膏,入皂时可用紫草粉或紫草根浸泡油,让紫草可功效释放进肥皂里,另外紫草根也是天然的染剂,以调配比例的不同让皂体呈现深浅不一的紫红色色泽。


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