Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the usage of our Puuuv Soap?

You can use Puuuv Soap to wash your whole body.

2. Can I use Puuuv Soap to wash my face?

Yes & No: Yes, if you are using our special design formula Puuuv Soap, eg. Milk Oat Soap & Jinsheng Pearl Soap, this is because our face have more sensitive skin.

 3. How to use our Puuuv Soap?

You can see that our Puuuv Soap is very unique because all the Puuuv Soap is put in a special design fabric bag. When you get our Puuuv Soap, the soap is pack in fabric bag. So what you need to do is to take out the soap & unwrap the brown colour recycle paper first. After that put back the soap in the fabric bag again, NOT NEED to take out the soap anymore.

There are 2 ways use it, first rub the soap between your hands until the tidy bubble produce, and then use these bubbles to wash your body. Another way is you can direct use the soap to rub over their body, this is actually a better way to use our Puuuv Soap as the texture on the fabric bag can help u to get rid of dead skin tissues, it even help skin's metabolism, so you can have healthier & more beautiful skin.

After finish use the soap, you MUST hang it at higher place to ensure the lifespan of our Puuuv Soap, this is to help the water naturally drain out from the bag. As our Puuuv Soap is soft body type, if u just put the soap on the readymade soap dish on your bathroom's wall, it'll melt easily. Our Puuuv Soap can last for around 1 month to 6 weeks (for usage of 1 person, bath twice a day).  The longer time you can use the soap you can enjoy more goodness of our Puuuv Soap.

4. Why should I use natural handmade soap?

Because using natural handmade soap will help your skin to produce a natural protection layer after bath. But nowadays many are go for body shampoo, body gel, shower gel or any other liquid type cleansing products due to its convenience, but most of these products are use chemical based ingredient so when you use in long term it will lay a chemical way layer on your skin which will harm to your skin! Sensitive skin is one of the consequences!

5. Do u mean natural handmade soap is better to our skin than any other body shampoo, body gel, shower gel or any other liquid type cleansing products?

Yes! If you really using a natural handmade soap. A real natural handmade soap (not even handcrafted soap) will beneficial to your skin as it contain only natural ingredients & glycerin which will well protect your skin. 

No! If you are using commercial soap, as many have misunderstanding that using soap is not fitting to them, but instead they are just using petroleum grade soap base making products.

6. How do I choose the best Puuuv Soap that suit to my skin?

Tell us your skin type by email or call us, then our Customer Service Manager will guide you all the way how to choose the best Puuuv Soap series for you.

7. Is Puuuv Soap considering Organic Soap?

We try our best to sources the best base vegetable oils & ingredients to add in our Puuuv Soap. We also try our best in our ability to get organic source ingredients but we are not able to get all products from organic sources, so we do not claim our Puuuv Soap as organic soap. But one thing we are very sure is we make sure all the raw materials and ingredients are all from natural sources. 

8. I saw that Puuuv Soap are saying that it’s Cold Process Soap under 55°C, what does this mean?

Cold Process Step (CP Soap) is all the handmade soap that produces less than 60°C. Like we mention before, all our ingredients are from natural, so if the process to produce a soap involving heat more than 60°C, the natural goodness will be spoiled. That’s why we want to stress to you that all our Puuuv Soap are producing under 60°C, and actually we set our temperature to make sure it won’t more than 55°C. You can find some handmade soap in the market without mention there are cold process this is because handmade soap can also make by hot process method (HP soap, the process can be 90°C.  100°C or even more than 2000°C, so now you know which one is the best for your skin.

9. What is the PH of Puuuv Soap?

The PH value of our Puuuv Soap is between 7-7.5 , which is actually the best PH value for human’s skin.

10. What is the difference between our Puuuv Soap & market’s natural soap?

One of the most obvious outlook you may find out is most of market’s natural soap are all in yellowish / oil yellowish color type. This is because the main vegetable oil been using by them to produce their handmade soap is palm oil, and palm oil is the cheapest vegetable oil one use to produce a natural soap. But our Puuuv Soap, we are using high percentage of Virgin Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Rose Hip Oil, Shea Butter and etc just because we want to produce the best quality natural handmade soap for you and your family! 

Another difference is our Puuuv Soap are add in high quality pure essential oil which to make sure you will enjoy aromatherapy when you bathing or showering. Many market’s handmade soap are just add in chemical fragrances for better scents and in long term these synthetic residue will only harm to your body but nothing else!

11. My skin is very sensitive type, can I use Puuuv Soap?

Yes, but we will recommended you to start with our mildest type, which is our Puuuv Milk Oat Soap. And if possible, let’s try it with your hand first. You will find that its so gentle and mild, it will only help to improve your skin.

12. I found that some research is saying that we are not recommended to use shampoo to wash our hair but instead we should use a natural soap as the solution? Why and can we use Puuuv Soap to wash our hair?

Yes, there are kind of research saying this. This is because when you are washing your hair, this is the time the scalp’s pore open largest, and what happen? All the chemical residues will rain in and stay underneath your scalp. This is actually one of the reason why nowadays serious baldness problem even happen for the early thirty adults. This is why the research is encouraging one to use natural soap to wash their hair, and actually you can use our Puuuv Soap to wash your hair. But bear in mind, as this is only soap but not together with the conditioner, so you may feel a bit dry after wash your hair. We are doing R&D to come out a best formula to produce a Puuuv Hair Soap to wash your hair, we will announce to you all once the products are ready to introduce to the market.

13. Some of the Puuuv Soap are stated that they have whitening effect, how soon can I see the result?

It’s depends. Some can see the result within a week; some only can see the result after three week when use our Puuuv Bharcoal Mint Soap / Puuuv Milk Oat Soap. We want to remind you that we only add in the natural ingredients, eg. herbs or vegetable / fruit extract to help on whitening or lighten your pigmentation, so it may take longer time to see the result compare to if you are using commercial whitening chemical products.

14. Do Puuuv Soap have expired date?

All Puuuv Soaps are from natural ingredients, so we will recommend you to finish it within 1 year after you purchase from us. But if you accidently left your Puuuv Soap somewhere and you forget about it, and after 1 or 2 years only you accidently find it, the soap is still can be use. Just the goodness of the soap will be lesser, so if you don’t mind about it you can still use it, but we will recommended you use for your body only, not your face. As we don’t know the place you keep this soap for all these while is a sanitary place or not. 

15. I wish to purchase Puuuv Soap for my baby to use it, will it safe to baby’s skin?

All Puuuv Soap are from natural ingredients, especially our Puuuv Milk Oat Soap are formulated for baby’s skin. So we will recommend you to try it for your baby. You will love it like your baby love it.