DIY ICP Super Mild Milk Soap Kits - Special For Baby 宝宝皂材料包

1kg soap materials include lye. 253g frozen soymilk / frozen goatmilk will need to dissolve together with NaOH before mix with oil.

What you will find imside the DIY Kits 自制材料包里有:

1kg ICP Super Mild Milk Soap Kits - Special For Baby

350g Cold Press Avocado Oil 冷压鳄梨油

189g Refine Sweet Almond Oil 精制甜杏仁油

  70g Extra Virgin Olive Oil 初榨橄榄油

  56g Refine Coconut Oil 精制椰子油

  35g Organic Cocoa Butter 有机可可脂

  92.6g Lye Powder 氢氧化钠


253g Frozen Soy Milk / Frozen Goat Milk Need



Cold Process with

241g RO Water / Distilled Water