Dried Dead Sea Clay 干死海泥

Rich in minerals that are beneficial for hair, skin & nails. Undergone a drying process that removes all of the H2O from the Mud

Dead Sea Mud Powder can be used on face or body. It contains no additives.

Dead Sea Mud Powder is rich in the wide array of minerals found at the bottom of the Dead Sea. It can be used alone or combined with our cosmetic grade clays to help exfoliate and mineralize your skin.

Dead Sea Mud Powder is a nutritive choice for exfoliating scrubs and soap.

The mud powder in this form is actually stronger in mineral content because the water has been removed. Uses for our Dead Sea Powdered Mud include: CP & HP Soaps Body Scrubs 

Add approximately 1 tablespoon per pound of soap to achieve an exfoliating lather.

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