BM Soap 母乳皂代制

Please courier your 400ml (OR 400g OR 14oz) frozen breastmilk to us using DHL or Yamoto Transport (TAQBIN).

Our address is 14-2, Jalan 15a/142, Taman Orkid Desa, 56000 Cheras, KL.

i. Pack the frozen breast milk ice into Styrofoam box, put some ice sheet/ ice gel pad into the box. (We will return these ice sheet/ ice gel pack to you together with your breast milk soap)

ii. Seal the box and send via DHL or Yamoto Transport (TAQBIN) before 10am. We will receive the breast milk within the same day.

Once we receive the breast milk, we will notify you via email - the date we will make the soap and the estimated time the soap is cured and ready to be use

Avocado Breastmilk Soap (Anti Ezcema) 疗湿疹母乳皂配方

Special design for solve eczema skin even suitable for baby use.

Cocoabutter Breastmilk Soap (Anti Stretchmarks) 可可脂母乳皂配方

Best for healing & prevent stretch marks / scars / blemishes.

Lavender Herbal Breastmilk Soap 薰衣草母乳草药皂配方

Suitable for dry & sensitive skin.

Mom& Baby Breastmilk soap (Marseilles formula/ Original Flavour) 马赛母乳皂配方

Suitable for baby, young children and sensitive skin.

Red Yeast Breastmilk Soap (Natural Healing) 红麴活性母乳皂配方

Suitable for baby skin and sensitive skin.