Corn Oil 玉蜀黍油

Help in maintaining the skin's elasticity and keeps a new mother's body supple and firm.
  • Corn Oil has been used by cosmetic industry as a primary base for many products that claim to reduce wrinkles for a youthful look.
  • Corn oil's regenerative and skin-balancing powers make it an ideal choice for moisturizing lipsticks, lip-glosses and massage oils.
  • Dry hair is often brittle and lacks moisture, oil and sheen. Corn oil treatment products penetrate easily into the hair, reinstate the deficiencies and benefit its health.Along with oil treatments, many consider shampoos with corn oil hydrating and nourishing for hair.



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500g Please take note that purchase of this material MUST buy together with minimum 1.5L oil(can mix different oil) or 15ml essential oil (can mix different essential oil).

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