COCOS - Hydrating Facial Cream 椰香诱惑 - 保湿脸霜

100ml 想必椰子、椰子油大家都不陌生,除了具有一定的营养价值外,椰子油还有一定的美容护肤功效。而且椰子油這美容好物早在好萊塢名人就已造成風靡,超模米蘭達可兒不只一次說過她最愛的就是椰子油!


【椰香诱惑】保湿脸霜 Cocos Hydrating Facial Cream

早上洗完脸后化妆前搽上少许我们的【椰香诱惑】保湿脸霜 Cocos Facial Mosturising Cream,脸部肌肤可以很快就吸收然后你上的妆也会更服帖,因为这款面霜保湿功效不错,所以你上的妆也会更持久哦!

COCOS - Hydrating Facial Cream

Apply Cocos Hydrating facial cream twice a day, everytime after cleanse your face with our Cocos Facial Cleanser, your face will be hydrating due to its easily absorb formula. As the moist can stay longer on your skin so your make up will last longer too.

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