Body Scrub 身体磨砂膏

Lavender Facial and Body Sugar Scrub 薰衣草糖砂脸部和身体磨砂膏

Recommend use only twice a week only. Use after you clean your face. In addition to making your face feel clean and renewed, a good facial scrub can prevent breakouts and exfoliate dry skin. Next time you're ready for a facial, try our Puuuv Homemade Facial Sugar Scrub. 使用方法:建议一星期使用不超过两次。洗面后使用。

Organic Coconut Body Scrub Powder 有机椰粉身体磨砂膏

Organic Virgin Coconut Body Scrub Brightening dullness to radiant skin with all natural, organic coconut scrub. Product weight: 120g 朴手强推的有机椰子身体磨砂膏,适合所有肤质。调和温开水,搅拌成糊状即可使用。完全是DIY控的最爱!