AromaCorporate Gift

Aroma premium gift

Aroma Cold Process Pink French Clay Soap

80g each bar. MOQ 24pcs RM8.50 each. 50pcs RM8 each. 100pcs RM7.50 each. 500pcs RM6 each. Customize label provided.

Aroma Corporate Gift - Love Aromatherapy Saop

MOQ 24pcs RM5.50 each. 50pcs RM5 each. 100pcs RM4.50 each. Customize label provided.

Aroma Corporate Gift - Set of 3 Aroma Saop

Each soap is 30g per bar & each set have 3 soap. MOQ 24pcs RM15.50 each. 50pcs RM14 each. 100pcs RM12.50 each. Customize label provided.

Aroma Corporate Gift - Square & Love Aromatherapy Saop

MOQ 24set RM11.00 each. 50set RM10.00 each. 100set RM8.50 each. Customize label provided & FREE organza bag to put in the twin aroma soap.

Aroma Corporate Gift - Square Aromatherapy Saop

MOQ 24pcs RM6.50 each. 50pcs RM6 each. 100pcs RM5 each. Customize label provided.

Goat Milk Soap

MOQ 24pcs RM15.50 each. 50pcs RM15 each. 100pcs RM14.50 each. FREE organza bag. Customize label provided.

Lavender Gift Bag 薰衣草香包

MOQ 24pcs RM3.50 each. 50pcs RM3.20 each. 100pcs RM2.85 each. 300pcs RM2.60. 500pcs RM2.20 each. 10g lavender buds each gift bag. Customize label provided.

Mosgo 蚊别 - Mosquito Repellent Gift Bag 天然防蚊香包

MOQ 24pcs RM4.50 each. 50pcs RM4.15 each. 100pcs RM3.65 each. 300pcs RM3.40. 500pcs RM3.00 each. Approx 10gs herbs combination include Lemongrass, Wormwood, Peppermint, Lavender & Clove each gift bag. Customize label provided.