Mosgo 蚊别: Anti Mosquito Aromatherapy Baby Bar 香薰宝贝蚊离块

Looks like soap? Ya, it's look like soap but its not soap! With this mosquito repellent bar nearby your love one mosquito won't approach you! :-P You can hang it around baby stroller as well as around your baby bed! It is multi function! * Avoid consume or licking by baby!

Total 50g of Anti Mosquito Aromatherapy Baby Bar!


Default shape is 1 unitof LOVE & 1 baby Rilakkuma!

You can remark to have muffin shape / square / oval / round / hello kittty / Teddy Bear / Mickey Mouse / Winnie Pooh! Whatever available shape!


This aromatherapy bar can be very long lasting! After somewhile if you feel the scent not strong enough just scratch a very thin layer or wipe of the dust covered the bar! And tada~~~ it back to the strong scent like when you first hold it!


And guess what? No specific expiry date! Cool!


Caution: Avoid SUN OR HIGH Temperature ambience!


Use together with our Mosgo Spray to enjoy optimum result!


  1.   只需将蚊别防蚊精油香砖裝在紗袋或網子,掛在需要防蚊的地方就可以了!

  2.   建议掛在窗邊、門邊、玄關入口處或想擺放的位置來驅蚊,約2~3坪使用2顆(大約100g的份量),以此類推。若覺得香磚香氣太濃也可以切小塊分散吊掛哦!

  3.   您也可以擺在小碟子上,當擺飾品兼防蚊哦!



  1. 香磚在密閉些的空間使用,效果當然比較好。(空間太大,可能就要多擺幾塊才有用。)



貼心提醒:家有小孩或寵物請留意,別讓他們誤食﹗請记得將香磚放置在寶寶拿不到的地方,而且香磚不适合拿來洗澡哦!除非你想身体有蜡蜡的感觉 :-P


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