Anti Eczema Liquid Laundry Making Workshop

No more bearing and irritation to chemical laundry detergent by doing it all with natural ingredients.
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Anti Eczema Liquid Laundry Making Workshop

Date          : Based on you time

Duration    : 1 hour 30 minutes

Class Fees : RM 119 / head


Chemical laundry detergent is often one of the medical causes of eczema,which can sometimes be a problem for just about everyone;most people are living with irritations daily caused by their current brand of chemical laundry detergent.

Learn organic liquid laundry makins skills to DIY at home for all future laundry!
Handmade 1500grams (approx 1.5L) of liquid laundry soap from natural refined coconut,refined palm oil and oraganic essential oil.

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